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By Gerald

The rally on Feb. 29, 2012 although it was blacked out by the media did get the attention of Albertans who were concerned enough to write in regarding their concerns with the deliberate refusal of the Alberta government too address the issues of the mistreatment of workers by WCB. This should be the primary election issue as any other issue is secondary to the deliberate mistreatment of any person, worker or non worker. Health care issues involving wait times at emergency rooms is irrelevant, access to doctors is irrelevant, the economy is irrelevant when compared to how workers in Alberta and the rest of Canada are treated by workers compensation systems.
Gerry Miller

Labour in crisis


Albertans think our well-being rests on the economic thrust of the oil and construction industries. But look again – the most important resource that Alberta can claim is its strong and expert labour force.

With the economy on the upswing, Canadians and foreign workers who are streaming in to do the work should know that our labour force is in crisis.

When our valuable workers are injured on the job, their lives are thrown into turmoil as a result of the Workers’ Compensation Board’s standard operating procedures. Designated doctors contradict expert specialist diagnoses and minimize treatment and compensation, leaving injured workers with no support. Appeals lead to harassment, threats and despair.

Injured workers from Alberta and neighbouring provinces came to Edmonton last week to tell their heart-wrenching stories on the front lawn of Augustana Lutheran Church, across from the WCB offices.

As a member of the public, my first reaction was disbelief. I was shocked to hear that Alberta has lax worker safety standards and lenient enforcement. Employers pay the smallest percentage to the WCB to cover worker injuries and more than a billion un-spent dollars was rebated to those same employers this year, we heard.

Many who stayed away from the gatherings are too afraid of retribution for publicly speaking their stories of hardship at the hands of the WCB.

It is the responsibility of all Albertans to protect this vital resource: our workers. Every family is affected by the possibility of a work-related injury and the disastrous results of inadequate compensation. As an election is near, we must ask every candidate about this crisis.

Marilyn Gaa, Edmonton

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  1. Well

    I was injured! Hit my head on the ice and got a concussion. It looks like the employer and the WCB
    Alberta are teaming up on me and not transparent. I am about to make a grave mistake to have them pay my expenses to get assessed by one of their specialist rather then get help from where I live in Montreal Quebec. They insist on their specialist in Alberta. Also the WCB adjucator is condescending and not transparent when ask question. I believe I may have a permanent injury. I want to make the right decision. Thank you

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