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One of CIWAA’S goals is to have the provincial government re-open all WCB claims that were rejected due to an opinion by an independent medical consultant.  We are in the process of gathering information and would like to hear from anyone whose claim was rejected because of an opinion by an independent medical consultant.

Carol will respond to all emails on behalf of CIWAA. Your information will be very useful to us as we work together to change WCB laws for the better. Please state if it can be shared with others.

If you feel you were unfairly assessed by a doctor, you can complain to their College. For a medical doctor, the complaint must be sent to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (ACPSA). For a psychologist, the complaint must be sent to the College of Alberta Psychologists. Below is their contact information and link to the complaint page of their website. If you would like assistance completing these forms, please contact us.

1)       College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (ACPSA.)

2700 – 10020 100 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 0N3 Canada

Phone: 780-423-4764
Fax: 780-420-0651


2)      College of Alberta Psychologists

  • College of Alberta Psychologists
    2100 Sun Life Place
    10123 – 99 Street NW
    Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3H1
  • Phone:
    780-424-5070 or
    Toll free in Alberta at 1-800-659-0857
  • Fax: 780-420-1241


  3 Responses to “Information, Please! (Independent Assessments)”

  1. I sent you an email in regards to a WCB independent medical consultant that was instrumental in having my WCB of Alberta claim rejected.

    Even though I had numerous expert medical opinions and reports (54 doctor’s letters and reports) from my doctor’s and other experts in the field of medicine in question, I was denied!.

    Even though this independent medical consultant had never even seen me or spoken to me the WCB of Alberta took his opinion over all the other experts I had been examined by.

    This WCB of Alberta independent medical consultant’s report focused on discrediting my doctor’s and their reports even though he had no expertise or knowledge in regards to my workplace injuries, nor had he examined me himself.

    My doctors reports were disregarded and discredited by all levels of the WCB of Alberta, medical panels and reviews, with their focus solely being only on what this independent medical consultant had said in his uninformed report.

    As well none of the people on these panels or doing the reviews had any expertise whatsoever in regards to my injuries, however they chose to believe this independent medical consultant paid by the WCB.

    I would love to have the Provincial Government re-open my WCB claim.

    On the balance of probability guidelines that the WCB of Alberta is supposed to follow, where the benefit of doubt goes to the injured worker, ask yourself, how can a claimant have 54 doctor’s letters and reports from experts that are rejected in favor of a paid WCB’s independent medical consultant report from a doctor who had never even seen me???

    In my opinion whoever is responsible for monitoring the WCB at the Government level should not be allowing this type of doctor bullying to exist, whereby even expert attending physicians reports are ignored by the WCB!

    Injured workers can’t sue WCB like you would any other insurance company for bad faith, so who protects the injured worker? This is not a fair system!!

    In my opinion if the Government is going to monitor the WCB effectively then they should also provide a division within the Government whereby injured workers can present their case to be re-opened and reviewed independently of WCB to determine whether an unbiased fair decision was made.

    In my opinion, there is not a fair and unbiased process available already within the WCB for injured workers that is not tied in some way to the WCB and their interests.

    The chair person for my WCB medical panel review was the past WCB of Alberta President and Chief Executive Officer. Was this review fair and unbiased? I think not…

    The Appeals Commission said that they knew nothing about my illnesses or whether my illnesses were the result of my workplace injuries, yet they gave their unfair biased opinion which favored this WCB independent medical consultant’s scathing report that discredited my expert doctor’s and character bashed me.

    So no, there is no independent process available to the injured worker whereby the interests of the WCB isn’t favored above all the evidence that the injured worker has provided.

    There is no fairness in the process and the weight of evidence that is skewed by the independent medical consultant’s report, that then follows the injured worker throughout all levels straight to the Appeals Commission, is in my opinion unfair and biased towards the injured worker.

    In my opinion these independent medical consultant reports focus on bullying the claimants doctor’s whereby they try to discredit the claimant’s doctors, as well as bullying the claimant themselves by trying to insinuate that their injuries are nothing more than psychological.

    It’s been 14 years since my workplace injuries occurred and I am still on disability. My disability should have been rightfully covered by the WCB of Alberta because it’s workplace related.

    It should not have been denied because of an independent doctor’s medical consultation that was skewed in favor of the WCB because they paid for the report. What do you even call something like that…in my opinion it’s for sure not something that would ever be in my favor.

    In my opinion this report from the independent medical consultant who had not even examined me was based on character bashing meant for the sole purpose of denying my WCB claim.

    How can it be anything else when this doctor’s commenting on my doctor’s expert opinions, when in reality he has no expertise or knowledge to validate his scathing report.

    This doctor had not examined me or asked me a single question in regards to my injuries, however he just presumed it must all be due to something psychological.

    It’s time the Provincial Governments step up and stop this doctor bullying that is in my opinion nothing more than a biased opinion in favor of the WCB.

    Stop this from happening and make the WCB give all the back benefits owed to those injured workers who rightfully deserve them!

    I look forward to hearing back from you in response to my email.

  2. Let’s make the same list of WCB OAA who work against injured workers.

  3. My Claim was rejected by reason of “Limitations” which is very unreasonable considering the information I require to prove site contamination is held by the government who refuse to release it. The government’s Access To Information and Privacy is mandated to provide records sought by the public. However the government has a habit of placing into Crown Corporations records they do not want the public obtaining. Their is absolutely NO integrity within the government and it matters not what party rules. By the way the contamination reports I seek are of Cosmos 954 and the area of nuclear contamination is from Great Slave Lake to Lake Athabasca.

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