Jun 142018
These case managers have no medical knowledge but continue to abuse their power over injured workers. Who gives these clerks the right to ignore  medical professionals , disregard and reject them completely? Forcing  injured workers to constantly protect the  Alberta medical profession trying to prove their expert physicians and specialists are telling the truth.

Why are  case managers given absolute power over the quality of an injured workers life?

  2 Responses to “Will the Alberta Government investigate the WCB staff?”

  1. I have been fighting workers compensation here in Saskatchewan for many years. I was crushed in trench cave in and then dumped being long term no cure. We need a better way to communicate. Hit the media harder. Find a law firm that will structure a process same as rico law in the U.S.A we need a list of injured workers and peoplet that care and understand human cruilty to the disabled. Becoming homeless. Unite all provinces. Sue the federal goverment. Cliff Sent

  2. The government and their agencies have a bad habit of promoting and rewarding their workers who without qualms will conduct themselves in acts fitting for Auschwitz. What has amazed me is how the mainstream corporate media has allowed themselves to be bought from reporting on this. If the European rise of right wing nationalism parties takes hold in North America perhaps a more fairer treatment will come to the workers.

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