Nov 112018

By Gerald

I have been requested to inquire why recipients of Social Services
payments are forced to apply for CPP pensions when they reach the age of
60 and threatened that if they do not, their benefits will be cut off.
This is something the Alberta WCB did a number of years ago to reduce
the amount WCB paid workers by clawing back CPP pensions even though
workers had paid 50% of the premiums for CPP. Of course this is illegal
but being that there is no one in charge of WCB, they are allowed to do
whatever they choose to do.

As you know or should know most of the people on Social Services are
disabled workers who have had their claims and benefits illegally
denied, thereby forcing tax payers to subsidize WCB premiums that are
supposed to be paid by employers. As you know or should know, applying
for CPP pensions at age 60 reduces the amount of a CPP pension by 30%
when a person reaches 65.  The 30% reduction is calculated by a
reduction of 6% per year for every year prior to the age of 65. Forcing
recipients to apply for CPP benefits 5 years early reduces their CPP
pensions by a significant amount resulting in seniors having to live in
poverty rather than having the extra 30% for necessities of life. Of
course no one gives a rats ass bout disadvantaged people so they are
kicked to the curb.

Are you aware of this or is Ms. Notley aware of this and if both of you
are and you allow this it is little wonder why people don’t bother to
vote as if you reach into a barrel of assholes, you pull out an asshole.
Will you or Ms. Notley reply to me which you probably will not even
though your salary and benefits are paid by myself as well as other tax
payers who ask legitimate questions.

I believe that the money that has been clawed back by forcing recipients
to apply for early CPP retirement benefits be returned and at the age of
65, the Alberta Government make up the 30% reduction in CPP pensions to
each and every one of the people who were forced to apply for CPP
benefits at age 60. What do you think?