Oct 252019

These are the events that are going on in the U.S. with more workerswanting presumptive status and in all likelihood should receivepresumptive status.https://www.workerscompensation.com/news_read.php?id=34026 Moving forward to the CEO and President of Workers Compensation Centralis the response of Bob Wilson.https://www.workerscompensation.com/news_read.php?id=34032 I have attended a number of webinars chaired by Mr. Wilson who is one ofthe leading [Read more…]

Oct 172019

Source: http://rankandfile.ca/occupy-ford-no-more-workplace-deaths/ By Anna Bianca Roach (@annabiancaroach) Today, Oct. 17, at 14:45, a group of  40 activists gathered in front of Ontario Premier Ford’s office in Etobicoke. By the time they had arrived, ten people had already entered Ford’s office to occupy it. They were there to demand that the government take responsibility for the [Read more…]

Sep 282019

Here is a major Star article on the most recent Fiera Foods fatality.  This article shows the importance not just of this specific case, but also the immediate and powerful call by OFL for criminal charges.  There is also a disturbing pattern to the fatalities:  two workers were killed by vehicles and two were killed [Read more…]

Sep 282019

By Gerald Over the course of my 30 years involving workers compensation specific to the “Act”, WCB Policies, WCB Regulations, Federal Human Rights Commission, Provincial  Human Rights Commission Services Canada (CPP disability), Civil litigation, Family Law, Criminal Law, Charter, Judicial Reviews, one of the biggest problems within the workers compensation system is translation of the [Read more…]

Sep 172019

By Gerald Click on the following link: https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2019/09/04/ontario-injured-worker-advocates-take-discrimination-concerns-to-united-nations.html Like everything that is wrong with workers compensation systems, it’s the Government who could enact legislation to stop deeming. Deeming is allowed according to the WCA and allows workers compensation boards to comply with the law. Why in a democracy should workers have to go outside Canada to [Read more…]

Aug 202019

By Gerald My further comments regarding the following news article (in italics): Workers’ Compensation Board The province’s WCB board of directors has been reduced from 10 to seven members, which the province says will save as much as $56,000 in spending. “The reduced numbers will help to streamline the work done by the WCB board of directors, providing opportunity for [Read more…]

Aug 182019

By Gerald This is how governments should function by standing up and fighting for workers, not like provincial governments that are complicit in protecting their sacred cows known as worker compensation boards. I watched a documentary involving workers in Peterborough Ontario who were denied and still being denied workers compensation by WSIB due to occupational [Read more…]

Aug 072019

By Gerald After decades of studying workers compensation systems in Canada and the U.S., it is apparent to any one who has any  intelligence that a plan that had good intentions has lost it’s usefulness. It is disgusting that the minister in charge of WCB will not respond to a request to explain “who has [Read more…]