Jul 242017

Points to ponder: Will there be justice? Justice can only happen when old claims denied on paid opinion and the case managers need for a bonus are re-opened . They must be reviewed and the wrongs made right. Laws created with jail time if found guilty of intentionally hurting people for greed. Workers’ Comp Reclamation? [Read more…]

Jul 142017

By Gerald While there may be some disgruntled people with the findings and recommendations of the Review Panel, it is a step in the right direction. The credit for all of this goes to the NDP Government who rather than follow the Conservative Government’s inaction by not fixing the system even though the last review [Read more…]

Jul 072017

The Government of Alberta has announced the WCB review recommendations. You can read them here. CIWAA would like to share your comments with the government, as there is still some disconnect of how many injured workers view the WCB.  Please read the review recommendations and comment on CIWAA’s open forum below, which will be sent to [Read more…]

Apr 292017

By Gerald Provincial and Federal Governments tax workers without questioning or taking responsibility for where our taxes go. We know from several studies provided in the U.S. that the majority of disabled workers in Canada are not funded by provincial worker compensation boards. At the Federal level taxpayer dollars are collected and put into CPP [Read more…]

Apr 272017

By Gerald The following news story was sent to me from an injured worker which is an interview with Mr. McGowan who very explicitly and accurately portrayed the Alberta WCB as being against workers and had been supported by the former Conservative Government who are anti-labour. Click on the following link: http://alberta.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1007748&binId=1.2002989&playlistPageNum=1

Mar 312017

By Gerald Perhaps if our elected politicians would read this link presented by a lawyer in a video they would understand why the Calgary Commercial Crimes Unit supported filing criminal charges against WCB for equating an impairment rating to a disability rating resulting in criminal fraud. You also may find that the Alberta Court of [Read more…]

Mar 272017

By Gerald Notably, the process of deeming came under attack during the WCB Review Panel’s meetings with the various groups. While the process of deeming workers to imaginary jobs is grossly illogical, it becomes even more illogical when a person understands how deeming is used to determine an earning loss such as an ELS or [Read more…]