Dec 142018

By Gerald For people who have been around long enough to see the many  investigative commissions appointed by the Government, no commission has found that it was a good system and there have been numerous  recommendations hoping to improve the system. The problem is that no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it [Read more…]

Dec 142018

By Gerald Click on the following link:  Where have we heard this before with a reference to a culture of denial. This was the findings of Justice Friedman. As usual, the problem with the system is causation. No system can operate when the deciding factor is causation as in most cases no one knows [Read more…]

Dec 142018

By Gerald Questionably is why workers are forced into a system that is totally corrupt. Just when a person thinks it could not get worse, it does. It all revolves around causation which is what workers compensation systems thrive on as it employs hundreds or thousands of people, mainly doctors who pretend to know what [Read more…]

Dec 122018

By Gerald The following story supports my argument that you cannot provide presumptive status to some occupations and not to others. Click on the following link: It is obscenely illogical to provide presumptive status to firefighters when other occupations have a greater risk than fire fighters. Truth be told, there need not be any occupational disease that requires evidence based on [Read more…]

Dec 102018

By Gerald Click on the following link: Sadly  enough, the system in Alberta has been broken for years and questions why the system is not simply abolished as it serves no useful purpose other than to create jobs for doctors who evidently have taken over the system and has become a total disaster. Questionably whether any system can work [Read more…]

Dec 032018
Ontario: #WorkersCompIsARight - Province Wide Week of Action starts December 10th

#WorkersCompIsARight December Week Of Action Join us for a province-wide week of action from December 10th to the 14th, and take a stand for fairness for injured workers! We’re kicking the week off in Toronto with a rally on Monday December 10 at 11:30am outside the Ministry of Labour. This year, the conservative government and WSIB [Read more…]

Nov 252018
Presentation About Difficult Claims and the Compensation System

From Injured Workers Online: Workers’ compensation: morality versus the business case November 23, 2018 The experience of being injured at work and claiming workers’ compensation can greatly influence injured workers’ possibilities for rehabilitation and successful return to work. A new study examines why some claims are prolonged, conflicted and frequently associated with confrontational interactions between Ontario workers [Read more…]

Nov 162018

By Gerald Most people are aware that lawyers have very little or no integrity or principles which is evident when performing surveys involving trust. Lawyers are always at the bottom of the list. The case I am presenting is why all long standing claims must be reheard by unbiased, knowledgeable people with integrity. Grandfathering claims [Read more…]