Jun 232018
Are You an Injured Worker in Edmonton? Please Join Us on June 28.

Are you an injured worker? Do you have something to say about Bill 30? The treatment of injured workers in this province in general? Would you like to be part of a short film of injured workers expressing such opinions? Come to the north steps of the Alberta Legislature at 2 p.m. on Thursday, June [Read more…]

Jun 212018

By Gerald WCB policy 03-01 Part II Application 7 specific to chronic pain and chronic pain syndrome is broken down into two parts, one part of the policy is specific to chronic pain and the other part of the policy is specific to chronic pain syndrome. According to the policies and how they are interpreted [Read more…]

Jun 192018

Dear members of CIWAA, I wanted to draw your attention to a just-released report we (Jared Matsunaga Turnbull and Bob Barnetson) partnered on with the Parkland Institute called “Safer by Design: How Alberta Can Improve Workplace Health and Safety”. The report draws on a survey of 2000 Alberta Workers and their own experiences with workplace [Read more…]

Jun 192018

By Gerald On June 12, 2018, I filed for a Judicial Review on behalf of a worker who was illegally provided impairment ratings that were used as a direct method of rating disability and subsequent loss of earnings. WCB, DRDRB and the Appeals Commission were advised by the Alberta Court of Queens Bench and supported [Read more…]

Jun 142018

These case managers have no medical knowledge but continue to abuse their power over injured workers. Who gives these clerks the right to ignore  medical professionals , disregard and reject them completely? Forcing  injured workers to constantly protect the  Alberta medical profession trying to prove their expert physicians and specialists are telling the truth. Why [Read more…]

Jun 082018

The following is from painmuse.org, a pain management discussion forum: It Just Depression Scam This a moot point because with the deterioration seen in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex as a result of chronic pain, the mood problems could just a secondary phenomenon. abstract here Damage to that area can be induced through Interferon drug therapy; [Read more…]

May 302018

http://rankandfile.ca/all-out-for-injured-workers-day/ Alberta WCB is still broken Bill 30 did nothing to help long term claims. Alberta injured workers do not have the support , manpower or finances to get out there and let the public know the suffering never ends. — For injured workers the reality is clear, the WSIB in Ontario is broken and [Read more…]

May 252018

The ONIWG Research Action Committee has put together a one page handout  in advance of June 1st, Injured Workers Day.  This infographic is based on research done by our committee as well as academic research.  Over the last seven years, the  Ontario WSIB has more than doubled its reserved funds while cutting benefits to workers in half [Read more…]