Mar 272019

By Gerald This is a major problem in most or all workers compensation systems. Pervasive Rate of Misdiagnoses a ‘Silent Cost Driver in the Insurance Industry’ 03/25/19 Nancy Grover Sarasota, FL ( – Getting the right treatment for an injured worker at the right time improves outcomes and reduces costs. However, an incorrect diagnosis sends [Read more…]

Mar 272019

03/25/19 Judge David Langham Note from Gerald: I have been privileged to attend a number of webinars with Judge Langham as a very informed guest and attended by numerous doctors and lawyers, all experts in the workers compensation system. Most agree that the grand bargain is no longer a bargain for workers and has not [Read more…]

Mar 252019

By Gerald The following reason is why the Alberta Human Rights Commission are dismissing complaints without investigating the legitimacy of the complaint. As well, any prima facie evidenced complaints specific to WCB are dismissed most likely on the direction of the Justice Minster and Minister in charge of the WCB; The Alberta Human Rights Commission [Read more…]

Mar 142019

By Gerald Interesting that the Alberta Human Rights Commission would defer to any decision made by WCB or the Appeals Commission! In Kebede v. SGS Canada Inc., 2019 AHRC 3, the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal (the “Tribunal”) recently dismissed a portion of a human rights complaint on the grounds that the issue was already decided by the [Read more…]

Mar 102019

By Gerald This is an article written by Peter Rousmaniere who is a well known journalist and expert on workers compensation. I attended a webinar on Thursday March 7, 2019 at 10:00 AM hosted by experts in the area of workers compensation. The subject of using impairment ratings as a direct method of rating disability [Read more…]

Mar 072019

By Gerald Interesting law suit going on across the border specific to presumption. In the U.S. all State workers compensation systems determine claims based on an adversarial system meaning the burden of proof is on the worker, yet most States enacted laws providing presumptive status for firefighters and extended presumptive status to other first responders, [Read more…]

Feb 282019
Presumptive Status

By Gerry Here we go again. This time it is 911 Operators who will be receiving presumptive status. This idea in politicians heads that they have to keep adding more and more occupational groups to the list questions the mentality of people. Simply give all workers presumptive status and let WCB  prove contrary which is [Read more…]

Feb 282019
Questionable Stupidity

By Gerald The following from California in regards to adding more workers for presumptive status with more workers lobbying for presumptive status. These are the idiots we are expected to caste a vote for. Why don’t they simply provide presumptive status for every one rather than to continue to add workers or do as the [Read more…]