Aug 182019

By Gerald This is how governments should function by standing up and fighting for workers, not like provincial governments that are complicit in protecting their sacred cows known as worker compensation boards. I watched a documentary involving workers in Peterborough Ontario who were denied and still being denied workers compensation by WSIB due to occupational [Read more…]

Aug 072019

By Gerald After decades of studying workers compensation systems in Canada and the U.S., it is apparent to any one who has any  intelligence that a plan that had good intentions has lost it’s usefulness. It is disgusting that the minister in charge of WCB will not respond to a request to explain “who has [Read more…]

Jul 292019

Dear Mr. Copping; Congratulations on your election win and selection as labor minister by Mr. Kenny. From your biography I see that you have impressive credentials as the new labor minister. Better yet, some of your studies were from Osgoode Hall where I assume you must have met Dr. Terence Ison who is acknowledged as [Read more…]

Jul 232019

Note from Gerald: This study should not surprise any one when one of the most corrupt organization is allowed by Governments to have absolute control over the acceptance of claims and benefits. What was supposed to be a safety net for workers when they suffer workplace injuries and diseases becomes a living hell.  Referenced from [Read more…]

Mar 272019

By Gerald This is a major problem in most or all workers compensation systems. Pervasive Rate of Misdiagnoses a ‘Silent Cost Driver in the Insurance Industry’ 03/25/19 Nancy Grover Sarasota, FL ( – Getting the right treatment for an injured worker at the right time improves outcomes and reduces costs. However, an incorrect diagnosis sends [Read more…]