Feb 282019
Questionable Stupidity

By Gerald The following from California in regards to adding more workers for presumptive status with more workers lobbying for presumptive status. These are the idiots we are expected to caste a vote for. Why don’t they simply provide presumptive status for every one rather than to continue to add workers or do as the [Read more…]

Feb 242019

By Gerry The State of Nevada has finally got it right in the wacky world of workers compensation by enacting legislation to put the burden of proof on an employer to prove that a work injury is not compensable. Despite the fact that in the U.S. claims are determined based on an adversarial system as [Read more…]

Jan 312019

By Gerald Both the Senate and House of Representatives in Hawaii are now considering identical bills that would require workers compensation payers to reimburse patients who are prescribed medical marijuana under state law permitting them to use cannabis.,,Nine of the 25 state senators are backing S.B. 1523, introduced Thursday, the same day Rep. Dee Morikawa, D-Lihue, unveiled H.B. 1524.,,Both measures [Read more…]

Jan 302019

By Gerald I have been diligently working on two long standing claims, one ten years old and the other 46 years old that resulted in denied claims and benefits that now have been reviewed and benefits that should have been paid 46 years ago are now being paid on the most minimal method WCB can [Read more…]

Jan 232019

By Gerald Unfortunately for workers in Alberta the WCA (Section 80(1) allows WCB to deny any payment for necessary medical treatment that has been determined to be a necessity by medical experts. The blame for this repressive attitude lies entirely with the Government who refuse to peruse the WCA to delete oppressive powers that have [Read more…]

Jan 222019

By Gerald Gray (Minister of Labour) Hoffman (Minister of Health) Sabir (Minister of Community and Social Services As a tax payer and  stake holder in workers compensation in Alberta, I question why Alberta Health Services and Social Services are providing services to workers for work related compensable injuries or diseases that have been accepted by WCB as being [Read more…]

Jan 222019

By Gerald Click on the following link:https://www.wcb.ab.ca/assets/pdfs/public/New_president_CEO_01.18.19.pdfThis is the same guy that came from BC whose track record in BC was to assist in denying legitimate claims. Click on the following link:https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/worksafebc-uses-questionable-methods-to-deny-claim-1.1311759Questionably is where they get these people from. Grace Thostenson who I knew when I was a member of IBEW Local 348 was recently appointed the Chair [Read more…]

Jan 152019

By Gerald Click on the following link:https://www.therecord.com/news-story/9123231-rubber-workers-should-be-allowed-to-sue-miners-advocate-says/ Just because the WCA protects employers from civil litigation, there is nothing in the “Act” that protects WCB from civil litigation. Questionably is why the burden of proof is placed on workers when the burden of proof is and always has been on the “Board”.  Not only is the burden of proof [Read more…]