Mar 042018

By Gerald Click on the following link: Based upon my own research and reading articles like this, it is apparent that the workers compensation system is broken in all States and Provinces. Being that the system in Alberta is beyond repair perhaps it is about time that the Government appoint another Review Panel that is [Read more…]

Mar 042018

By Gerald On Nov. 8 and 9th of 2016 we attended an in person hearing adjudicated by R. Fong who was the Hearing Chair, D. Jossa and J. McKenna who were Commissioners. On July 6, 2017, they presented a partial decision but as of this time ( 15 months later) we are still waiting for a [Read more…]

Jan 222018

By Gerald Click on the following link: While I have nothing against presumptive status for all workers, question is whether it is legal to provide presumptive status to one occupation and not to all other occupations. Unfortunately, under Alberta Human Rights Legislation as is other provincial and federal legislation it is legal to discriminate based [Read more…]

Jan 102018

By Gerald Click on the following link: Contrary to what WCB suggests as a new policy, interim relief has been directed by the Courts (Patrus) and the Appeals Commission. WCB through legislation also has discretion to provide interim relief while a medical investigation is being conducted. Section 38 (4) of the WCA and have never [Read more…]

Jan 092018

By Gerald Click on the following link: Questionable is whether Bill 30 will address this. At present it is the Government who enacted the WCA (Section 63 of the WCA) that allowed WCB to provide an imaginary job with imaginary earnings. The blame cannot be placed on the WCB as they are simply doing what [Read more…]

Jan 042018

By Gerald Click on the following link: Not meaning to trivialize what the Government and when I say Government I do not include the ordinary Albertans who had nothing to do with the inhumane treatment of our indigenous people, it was the people we elected who did this. Unfortunately, Albertans when voting have no say [Read more…]

Dec 192017

By Gerald Click on the following links; Little doubt that this is going to cost the Ontario WSIB billions of dollars to rehear long standing claims and then provide compensation to the thousands of workers whose claims and benefits were illegally denied. The ripple effect of this also will affect workers in Alberta and as [Read more…]

Dec 032017

Click on the following link: Obviously the U.S. States that give the victim or their family the OH&S fine for injury or death are to be commended for electing people who are intelligent enough to give the levied fine to the victim or the victim’s family. In Alberta the Alberta Government are benefactors of work [Read more…]