Nov 252018
Presentation About Difficult Claims and the Compensation System

From Injured Workers Online: Workers’ compensation: morality versus the business case November 23, 2018 The experience of being injured at work and claiming workers’ compensation can greatly influence injured workers’ possibilities for rehabilitation and successful return to work. A new study examines why some claims are prolonged, conflicted and frequently associated with confrontational interactions between Ontario workers [Read more…]

Nov 162018

By Gerald Most people are aware that lawyers have very little or no integrity or principles which is evident when performing surveys involving trust. Lawyers are always at the bottom of the list. The case I am presenting is why all long standing claims must be reheard by unbiased, knowledgeable people with integrity. Grandfathering claims [Read more…]

Nov 142018

By Gerald Click on the following link: This is a long standing claim that was reviewed and accepted after 24 years. Questionably is why it took 24 years to be accepted when the courts have determined that claims do not have to be based on scientific evidence. Claims are to be determined based on [Read more…]

Nov 112018

By Gerald I have been requested to inquire why recipients of Social Services payments are forced to apply for CPP pensions when they reach the age of 60 and threatened that if they do not, their benefits will be cut off. This is something the Alberta WCB did a number of years ago to reduce [Read more…]

Nov 112018

Additional note from Donna: Check out the background of the Appeals Commission panel. The deck could be stacked – for example, ex case managers, lawyers that just work for Appeals Commission. How could a worker get justice? Many of them were appointed politically years and years ago. Could they be biased? By Gerald Click on [Read more…]

Nov 082018

By Gerald Effective Nov. 1, 2018, Ms. Dale Wispinski was appointed by the NDP Government as the new Chief of the Alberta Appeals Commission. I have met Ms. Wispinski during a Judicial Review and if she is to do her job, she needs to receive training in how the system is supposed to operate in [Read more…]

Nov 042018

By Gerald There is no denying that the burden of proof in the workers compensation system is entirely on the “Board” but our Justice Minister like her predecessors does not want to admit that the adjudication by Case Managers, DRDRB and the Appeals Commission have been and continuing to use the wrong legal standard by [Read more…]