May 252018

The ONIWG Research Action Committee has put together a one page handout  in advance of June 1st, Injured Workers Day.  This infographic is based on research done by our committee as well as academic research.  Over the last seven years, the  Ontario WSIB has more than doubled its reserved funds while cutting benefits to workers in half [Read more…]

May 142018

By Gerald Enacting legislation providing presumptive status for firefighters, paramedics, police has opened up a Pandora’s Box by the idiots who enacted legislation and regulations which has resulted in providing differential treatment to these people without any scientific evidence to  support the legislation which presumes only firefighters will get cancer when exposed to carcinogens such [Read more…]

May 092018

By Gerald Click on the following link: Just as I predicted, sometime in the near future, providing presumptive status for any occupation rather than all occupations is discrimination and would come back and bite the goofs that voted for and passed legislation for firefighters, then extended this presumption to first responders. There is and never [Read more…]

Apr 242018

One of CIWAA’S goals is to have the provincial government re-open all WCB claims that were rejected due to an opinion by an independent medical consultant.  We are in the process of gathering information and would like to hear from anyone whose claim was rejected because of an opinion by an independent medical consultant. Carol will [Read more…]

Mar 042018

By Gerald Click on the following link: Regardless of whether it is the WSIB in Ontario or WCB in Alberta, neither of them are in compliance with the Courts. First of all, decisions are supposed to be made on a balance of probabilities, not on medical science as setting the bar based on medical science according [Read more…]

Mar 042018

By Gerald Click on the following link: Deeming is allowed only because the Government has written that into legislation. There is no logical reason why deeming is or should have ever been enacted in legislation as there is a reason why workers cannot perform regular gainful work. The Alberta WCA does state that a disabled [Read more…]