We are circulating a petition demanding justice for injured workers. At the Edmonton and District Labour Council Labour Day BBQ, we got more than 300 signatures to add to our petition. Please print and gather signatures if you agree that changes must be done immediately with the WCB. You can ask your friends, family and neighbours to sign, take it to your workplace or join us at the Millard Centre and other locations to collect signatures. The petition will be presented in the Alberta Legislature by a member of the Legislature on our behalf. We work with and appreciate the support we receive from the labour movement and other concerned Albertans.

Here is the link to download the pdf version.  CIWAA New Petition 2013

Share it with your family, friends, co-workers and doctors. Let’s try to circulate the petition throughout Alberta. Let us show our government that we are not fragmented and that we stand together in solidarity for our Human Rights. Signed petitions should be returned to:

c/o Alberta Workers Health Centre
#600, 12323 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 3Y5


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  1. well researched will come back for more

  2. There doctors are crooks they are blaming the accident on pre agsisting shoulder problem have been going through appeals since February. I finally got an MRI done through my family doctor and I have hill sachets lesion a dislocated shoulder and am in pain 24 hours a day now there still check ing my Alberta health to see if I had previous problems with my shoulder. Which I didn’t. They said it is tendinitis..?? I have lost everything my car my home went into major debt and now have nothing… what does a person do. They treat me like a criminal threatened to criminal charge me. I am good person a good mother. Alberta government should be seeing we all do..

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