Rate Your Doctor


Please go to this site and find the doctor and make your comment.


Many  of these doctors are paid by WCB to provide an opinion that may not be based on medical evidence, just used to deny legitimate claims.

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  1. I worked 21 days which is normal and always got 7 off I worked 21 days had 3 off then did 18 and injured my lower back where I worked was only company takes you in and out of camp we were doing twice the workload wcb back specialist said he sees injury on Mir but says he FEELS it’s not work related was going to place called cbi in ft mcmurrary and was made to walk up and down steps push and pull and do nothing but work out by myself for three hours straight no break and have a kinisiologist not physiotherapist tell me what to do and be told to lay on floor on thin Matt and have them push one of my legs up as far as possibility for count of 20 to hear pop in knee and have electric pulsating things put on my back turned to high there excuse was trial an error wtf I had back hernia and they tore the ligaments in my knee and leg after I went on my own and had ultrasound done after cut off wcb and wcb back retard so called specialist said I can return to work now I am fin disabled give me name of Alberta lawyer so I can sue the fin pants off these people I have paid yearly taxes to support two families on welfare and I have paid this for 11 fkn years am a woman millwright machinist 11 years I’m no crack head or fkn drunk

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