Jan 042018

By Gerald

Click on the following link: https://www.alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=5123898D391C7-03A8-57F2-509E8DF9611B2E7C

Not meaning to trivialize what the Government and when I say Government I do not include the ordinary Albertans who had nothing to do with the inhumane treatment of our indigenous people, it was the people we elected who did this. Unfortunately, Albertans when voting have no say at all what our elected representative do. In reality Albertans vote in a dictatorship and changes in Government no matter which party is voted in have no say in what Governments do and is why many people do not bother to vote at all. When you reach into a barrel of assholes, you obviously will pull out an asshole.

It was not the ordinary Albertans who sterilized young adults through the Governments Eugenics program, it was the Government who were convinced by influential and wealthy Albertans who wanted to rid Alberta of what the elite believed were inferior people.

I believe that the Alberta Government has a duty to apologize to the thousands of workers and their families who also were exposed to the inhumane treatment of injured and disabled workers by an arms length Government body which the Government created and forced workers and employers into a corrupt system that has resulted in family breakups, extreme poverty and suicides. If I am wrong and I know that I am not wrong when I suggest that WCB is nothing more than a criminal organization supported by Government, then there would be no reason to continuously having to appoint commissions and review panels who recommend changes to a corrupt system. No commission or review panel has ever determined that there need not be any changes because the “Board” were adjudicating claims in a fair and respectful manner.

Jan 172017

By Gerald

Presumptive status has and always has been for all workers not just for first responders. It would appear that in order for workers who work in high risk occupations such as GE and have a much higher risk of cancers than first responders, must also be given presumptive status through legislation. If not, this would be discrimination. Basically, the way presumption is supposed to work is that some one ( no one knows whether this is a worker or the “Board”) has to provide on a de-minimus standard a causal relation to the work place. This then triggers the presumption and unless proven contrary ( no one knows who must prove contrary, the employer or the “Board”), the presumption stands.

Note that in the article it states that it is the worker who must prove causation and the employer must prove contrary. This then indicates to me that the system in Canada is an Adversarial system not an Inquiry system that workers are led to believe. If the burden of proof is on the worker and employer and not the “Board” what then would be the benefit of workers giving up the right to sue the employer and the employer funding the system if the same system exists that existed over one hundred years ago still exists today. Why would workers give up the right to sue and have to prove causation which is nearly impossible in many situations rather than to be able to sue an employer in the court system rather than claims being heard by incompetent adjudicators in an administrative system. Why give the “Board” exclusive powers to investigate and gather the facts if they do not have the burden of proof. When if ever has an employer proven contrary which in an adversarial system, an employer must prove contrary and why is it then that it is the “Board” that spends millions of dollars to prove contrary when causation has been shown. In nearly all cases an employer does not even get involved in a claim resulting in a worker fighting the “Board” rather than an employer which suggests to me that employers subrogates the claim to WCB who takes the place of the employer to fight the worker. Why is it that the Alberta Courts can not agree as to whether adjudication in workers compensation is based on an Inquiry system or an Adversarial system with Justice Millar suggesting that it is an Inquiry system and Justice Yamauchi disagreeing and suggesting it is an Adversarial system.

Click on the following link;https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2017/01/16/ontario-eyes-stronger-protections-for-workers-who-get-sick-on-the-job.html