Mar 042018

By Gerald

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Based upon my own research and reading articles like this, it is apparent that the workers compensation system is broken in all States and Provinces. Being that the system in Alberta is beyond repair perhaps it is about time that the Government appoint another Review Panel that is far more knowledgeable of how the system works rather than appoint former bureaucrats that know very little about how the system works and how to fix it. To suggest that the system in Alberta is not corrupt indicates the total ignorance of people like Gray, Ganley and Notley when it can be proven that WCB Legal Services have lied to the courts, lied to the Human Rights Commission. I shall commence in my next e-mail to explain how WCB has deliberately defrauded workers by citing WCAT decisions and Court decisions supporting me.

Feb 062017

By Gerald

I believe that it is deplorable what has happened to this couple who were only attempting to help farm workers. What they accomplished is admirable and as long as farm worker’s injuries are short term acute injuries that result in total recovery, workers compensation is a good system for all workers, however if any worker’s injuries or disease is determined to have an unknown cause or the injury does not result in total recovery, farm workers will realize just like every other worker
that the system does not work and that there is a culture of denial. Farm workers like every other worker will be faced with poverty,  marital breakdowns, suicide and homicidal ideations when legitimate claims are turned down or farm workers are deemed to be able to perform some imaginary job and paid in imaginary earnings and then have their claim terminated.

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