We are a registered non-profit society wishing to help the most vulnerable people & their families: Injured Workers.

All funds raised support education manuals, insurance, our signs, printing of flyers, advertisements, internet/telephone, fuel expenses, and office consumables. This cost has been incurred by the volunteers. In order to continue to provide exposure to the critical issue of human and workers rights in Canada, we need your help.

Please Donate. Any amount is appreciated and allows us to keep pressure on the government in our struggle against WCB corruption, injustice, and fraud.

Help us to help Injured Workers across Canada by keeping our issues in the forefront.

PLEASE Contribute & join us in solidarity. An injury to one, is an injury to all.

Click on the “DONATE” buttons in the header of this website, or use the banking information below:
Royal Bank of Canada, Manning Crossing S/C Branch, Canadian Injured Workers Association of Alberta
Transit Numbers: 001 05429 003
Bank Account Number:  102 162 5

Thank You for your support. All donations appreciated.