Survey Info


Please help yourself and CIWAA by completing this survey. We want to show a pattern of  bias from WCB hired medical staff. We are confident that those involved create false reports to benefit the WCB position of denial against legitimate claims.

 WCB ‘s monetary relationship with these medical practitioners needs to be exposed as they have nothing to do with medical objectivity.

The WCB relies on injured workers inability to organize themselves. CIWAA exists to change that by gathering all Injured Workers information together so we can compare files and expose medical fraud.
WCB attempts to divide and conquer Injured Workers organizing. The harm perpetrated on Injured Workers needs legal action and with help from all Injured Workers past and present we can stop this abuse. We have power in numbers and we need participation and support from Injured Workers. Get involved, get active and help effect change that is long overdue. Those who participate are placed higher in the que of contentious cases.

This is survey information only, you can ONLY answer questions. If you want the public to know more, email  You may scan your documents, tell your story or send in your videos and recordings that will then be put in a category like comments, videos etc…  just email

Please note that your personal information will NOT be displayed publicly nor will it be shared. Example: Full name , phone number address. Only CIWAA and their legal representatives will have access to this information. If you agreed to testify under oath and your information fits the criteria needed to prove bias, misleading,  intended harm showing a pattern of denial and abuse of power, you will be contacted only by CIWAA’s directors .

This survey takes time so please have your information close by and try to get comfortable. You will be required to give a lot of information you may have forgot you had.  Don’t forget to push the SUBMIT button at the END of the survey or ALL of your info will be lost and you would have wasted your time. So please remember to push SUBMIT.

Correct spelling is imperative so please do not guess. Take it directly from reports, letters and all documents. Names must be spelled according to the sender for that document.

Thank you