January 21/15




Hello and Happy New Year. I hope that each of you had a lovely holiday season with friends and loved ones.


I am pleased to share that 2015 brings with it many new and important changes to C.I.W.A. A. These changes reflect our continued efforts to support and advocate on behalf of injured workers throughout Canada and to actively pursue the rights of those workers to government lawmakers.

As we begin this New Year we do so with the need to recruit new board members who are capable, focused, forward thinking, and committed to bringing strong leadership to the table in order to reach both our short and long term goals and objectives. I know that many of you have the qualities, skills, and talents we need and therefore ask that you consider putting your name forward with the confidence that your role at the board level will be a pivotal one to ensuring the organizations continued growth, success, and longevity.

One of the primary activities of the board will be to solicit, engage, and recruit local union representatives who have a vested interest in joining our movement. It is integral to the organization to have union support at the board level and therefore this specific recruitment must be pursued vigorously.

Those of us who are active volunteers are also injured workers and as such do our best to provide much needed resources and general support to as many of you as possible however, as fellow injured workers our volunteer time is somewhat limited. With that being the case we are eager to secure an individual who will advocate on behalf of everyone on a regular basis. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in taking on this important and worthy role we would like to hear from you.

Additional changes for this year include the acquisition of a professional office space complete with a part-time secretary. The secretary will be on site three days a week and available to assist you in a multitude of ways as needed. Furthermore, we will be pursuing many grant applications throughout the coming months and will require someone to coordinate, write, and submit these grants. If you, or someone you know would be interested in this position, please let us know. The grant writer is an integral part of our mission and our overall interest in protecting the rights of all of you as a whole. The ideal candidate should have some mid level knowledge of the Worker’s Compensation Act however, should the interested party not be familiar with the WCB we would open to selecting someone who is open and willing to learn about it and apply that knowledge to the grants.

With all these changes coming we are also pursuing to secure an individual who is able to maintain and update the website, add additional content when needed, answer emails, and general queries from visitors seeking more in-depth information.

With clear focus, a progressive agenda, and steady leadership at the helm I am confident that together, as a united board, great strides will be made to advance the mission and make a difference in the lives of injured workers across the country. Through assembling of a strong and active board, who will further the primary objectives of the organization, will only enhance our success and the legacy that will ultimately be defined by it.

With Regards

CIWWA Board Members

As Alberta’s economic prosperity propels many forward, many more are sacrificed for the lowest corporate WCB premiums in Canada. The price is paid by working people Injured at Work and denied their benefits and rights under Alberta WCB.

CIWAA (Canadian Injured Workers Association of Alberta) is an organization supporting Workers Rights to Workers Compensation benefits. We act in disclosing and exposing injustice to Injured Workers and the realities of Alberta WCB. If you or someone you know has been injured at work and are mired in the WCB bureaucratic maze, don’t give up in frustration. Join our organization and make a difference.

Canadian Injured Workers Association of Alberta thanks all of you for your continued support. We ask all of you to stand with us in solidarity as we fight for natural  justice for injured workers. Together we have a powerful voice.

CIWAA ‘s petition campaign.

Please sign this NEW PETITION. The link for the pdf version is in the New Petition tab and can be printed. Share it with your family, friends, co-workers and doctors. Let’s try to circulate the petition throughout Alberta. Let us show our government that we are not fragmented and that we stand together in solidarity for our Human Rights. Signed petitions should be returned to Injured Workers at Edmonton & District Labor Council suite 101-10425 princess Elisabeth Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5G 0Y5.

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone who depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority.


“An injury to one is an injury to all”


Stand up and be accountable for the sake of your province.

CIWAA thanks everyone for their continued support . Please watch our guest speakers at the May 16/13 screening below.


All the videos from this event can be seen here.””