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April 25 ,2016


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April 28th Day of Mourning Ceremony


The cost to family’s of injured workers is not just monetary. Their  children are forced to watch their hero’s suffer day in and day out and live in poverty . Not understanding that their parents only crime was going to work to support the family. The punishment does not fit the crime, the government can stop this abuse now.

A Injury To One Is An Injury To All! Please tell the government this abuse must stop NOW.

April 28th Day of Mourning Ceremony

The Edmonton and District Labour Council would like to invite you to attend our Day of Mourning Ceremony on Thursday April 28, 2016.  This ceremony is to recognize those workers killed and injured at work and to re-commit to working toward ending workplace deaths and injuries.The ceremony will be held at the location of our Broken Families Obelisk from 6:00pm to 7:00pm at Grant Notley Park 11603-100th Avenue, with a reception to follow at the park.

Government  of Alberta  we have been ignored to long . WCB is not here to support injured workers. Their  mandate is to pay  big bucks for  administration and buy opinions from doctors of WCB choosing. They are getting  rich off injured workers backs . Justice Samuel Freedman exposed that the  WCB is not working well for injured workers  in 2001 and was shelved . This  inquiry could end up on the same shelve. Every delay causes needless suffering to the children of injured workers whose claim was denied by a case manager that choose the paid for  opinion. How does a case manger that has no medical experience , is  not required to have any medical knowledge, can not pronounce your injury or disease know that the WCB paid opinion is right ? They don’t but if they were to adjudicate a injured workers claim on medical evidence , clinical evidence , medical experts and injured workers doctors reports they would not receive a bonus. WCB is the only insurance company allowed to  reward monetarily administration and affiliates from the top down  if they don’t provide compensation or help the disabled worker return to health.

Email if you can give your time, typist ,  delivery person,  lets get serious! Injured Workers when writing in please state  if your comment and exposing of the doctors and WCB employees names that are involved in your claim are to be  posted on site. 

If you would like to attend the meetings please email   with name and phone number. We will be sending a open letter to those that are in power and can make a difference. If you have had your claim denied by a opinion from a hired paper doctor and would like it looked into join CIWAA.

Will your doctors advocate and stand up for themselves and you their patient? We will be releasing the reports of certain doctors WCB hires to give opinions that harm injured workers , displace Alberta doctors and go against clinical evidence , treating doctors and medical evidence.   CIWAA has been offered some space to share and compare paper doctors reports .  We will be following the Ontario Injured Workers Platform which equates to   Injured workers and Alberta Doctors working together to stop WCB paying billions for opinions that hurt , slander and force injured workers into poverty. These doctors  continue to make up opinions , make up diagnosis that are not medically possible, refuse treating doctors advise  all for personal monetary gain.

This inhumane treatment  towards workers who have been hurt on the job in Alberta must be looked into and stopped.  Those responsible must be held accountable. Why is it ok for white collared workers to hurt, lie, slander, make up , miss represent , commit fraud , take peoples dignity and humane rights away on a daily basis ,  harm and some times put to death  workers in Alberta for a big Pay check?  Why is this ok? Why dont these doctors WCB chooses to pay for them to harm and hurt  Alberta workers not have to  suffer any  consequences. Why does the government and law protect them? That is not what Meredith meant.

TIME TO GET OUT THERE AND GET NOTICED, PLEASE JOIN US.  Lets share these paid doctor  reports with the NDP and ask for their help to stop allowing WCB to play GOD with Alberta Injured Workers!

Ontario is way ahead of us lets catch up

By: Work and Wealth reporter, Published on Fri Jan 29 2016

Citing “systematic disregard” for professional medical assessments of injured workers, advocates have asked Ontario’s government watchdog to launch an investigation into the province’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.
The 200-page submission made Friday to the provincial ombudsman by health professionals, workers, lawyers and labour groups blasts WSIB for ignoring the medical advice provided by doctors treating injured workers, in favour of so-called “paper doctors” who have not met patients directly.
The resulting claw-backs in medical benefits are having a “devastating effect,” the submission says, leaving workers with severe physical and mental problems stranded in poverty.
“That’s why the complaint is being filed today,” said Chris Buckley, president of the Ontario Federation of Labour. “Injured workers and their advocates have been sounding the alarm for well over 20 years about workers’ compensation that ignores the advice of treating physicians and kicks desperate injured workers off their benefits.”
“It’s a regular occurrence that you send medical evidence that is never acknowledged,” added psychologist Dr. Giorgio Ilacqua, who has worked in the field since 1985 — including a stint as a consultant for WSIB, formerly known as the Workmen’s Compensation Board.
The Star has previously reported on allegations that WSIB fired a doctor for refusing to reverse her medical assessment of an injured patient.
In response to those allegations and an ensuing report by the Ontario Federation of Labour about WSIB ignoring medical advice, the board said in a November statement that it “values the relationships it has with thousands of health care practitioners across the province and relies on their professionalism and expertise.”
More than 20 medical professionals contributed evidence to Friday’s submission to the provincial ombudsman, drawing on 41 case studies involving injured patients.
Marvin Mulder, 46, is one such worker. He says his doctor’s medical advice to WSIB was ignored after the former mover from Hamilton severely injured his back on the job in 2010.
Mulder underwent six spinal injections and two failed back surgeries in an effort to recover. He says WSIB asked him to participate in its work transition program almost immediately after his accident, giving him the option to retrain as either a millwright or an office assistant — even though his injuries prevent him from sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time.
Mulder says persistent health problems — including being rushed to the emergency room several times — prevented him from completing the retraining program. His specialist wrote to the board to say he was physically unable to continue. In response, Mulder says, WSIB deemed him “non-co-operative” and drastically reduced his benefits last year.
“It’s devastated me and my family,” he told the Star.
He now relies on disability support and Canada Pension Plan benefits to survive. He says CPP has approved him for benefits available to workers with a demonstrable “severe and prolonged disability” even though WSIB clawed them back.
“The overall effect is that the injured workers are being re-victimized by the very system that was actually created to help them,” said Aidan MacDonald, of the Injured Workers’ Consultants legal clinic.
The submission to the province’s government watchdog argues that reduced coverage through employer-funded workplace insurance means workers often have little choice but to rely on publicly funded health care and social assistance programs.
“It’s a huge strain on those programs, which at this point is needless. WSIB was designed to be a safety net. For far too long, employers are getting off the hook,” Buckley said.
“We’re hoping a systemic investigation and consequences from the ombudsman can start to shift the system back to an actual compensation system that treats injured workers with dignity and respect,” MacDonald added.
The report submitted to Ontario’s Ombudsman alleges the following problems with WSIB’s current practice:
  • Disregard for the medical opinion of doctors treating injured workers;
  • Examples of the board forcing workers back to work against the advice of their physician or psychologist;
  • Overemphasis on injured workers’ pre-existing conditions for the purpose of rejecting, limiting, or prematurely cutting off workers’ claims;
  • Approval for medical services taking months;
  • Insufficient physiological or physiotherapy sessions for injured workers approved for benefits.

It has been suggested that you can sue your case manager for the treatment or lack of treatment towards you after your injury. Has your case manager adjudicated your claim on a paid for doc in the box opinion? If so please continue to share your file with doctors name and case manager’s , we have found it is the same doctors , making the same opinions which in many cases go against medical science , treating physicians and medical evidence.  Let us take this information to the Premiere of Alberta so she can make justice happen. If you would like to participate all you need to do is send in doctors name, your name and case managers and you will be contacted by a CIWAA volunteer. CIWWA members we must continue to  trust in Rachel Notley as we know she has been working to bring justice to Injured Workers long before May 5, 2015 . We have not been forgotten , soon we will know her plans. Support NDP on February 9th, 2016 .

Lets show the NDP Party were ready for JUSTICE!      Truth to Power ! we never gave  up and heard every word and acted on those words . The NDP party told people of Alberta  the changes they would make if they were in power. We the people of Alberta helped make that happen. Were Ready every day these changes are delayed another worker and  their family’s suffer needlessly.  Time is of the essence. We are calling for all injured workers, their family’s, friends, workers, taxpayers and supporters to print the petition below gather those signatures so we can put it to work and be ready for Premiere Notley to change that shitty ass legislation .

Continuing to support those that care about are cause is one more step closer to justice for injured workers. Remember to print the petition on our website

We are in the process of getting are website up to-date. To all injured workers we would like to express our sincere thanks to all who got involved on May5, 2015 in ending the PC dynasty. With the new Government firmly in place now is the time to Rally for real change to the WCB and gain natural justice for all Injured Workers across Alberta. Our activity is picking up again to have our petition for Justice for Injured Workers  presented to Premiere Rachel Notley & tabled in the Legislature and create the change’s needed.   Workers medical injuries ,   adjudicated on a paid opinion must stop, all injuries must require medical evidence.

Billions for Opinions  : causes Harm! to Injure Workers, their family’s, friends  and Tax Payers. A Medical practitioner’s     OATH : FIRST DO NO HARM  ……….. The need for physicians to make a formal warrant of diligent, moral, and ethical conduct in the service of  Injured Workers may be stronger than ever.

Compensation would help family’s of those injured workers living in 24 hours of constant pain because they were refused medical help from experts. Injured workers can not prove their injury when medical evidence , clinical evidence, expert medical reports are refused by WCB administration. Injured workers gave up the right to sue the employer when injured at work. WCB was suppose to look after the well being of injured workers. Injured workers with permanent injuries , chronic pain and  marked life disruption are left to fend for themselves or seek help from taxpayer funded programs. Legislation , the Act and policy’s are not followed by WCB Alberta. There is no watch dog or consequences when the above is broken every day. Our government can not be arms length they are stake holders in WCB . Long term claims must be reviewed , how much suffering must a injured worker endure ? before this abuse stops.

We are  pleased to share that 201 6 brings with it many new and important changes to C.I.W.A. A. These changes reflect our continued efforts to support and advocate on behalf of injured workers throughout Canada and to actively pursue the rights of those workers to government lawmakers. Every day is hard for those that suffer , we call on our Premiere not to delay Justice any longer. Gather those signatures put truth to Power.   With Regards CIWWA Board Members As Alberta’s economic prosperity propels many forward, many more are sacrificed for the lowest corporate WCB premiums in Canada. The price is paid by working people Injured at Work and denied their benefits and rights under Alberta WCB. CIWAA (Canadian Injured Workers Association of Alberta) is an organization supporting Workers Rights to Workers Compensation benefits. We act in disclosing and exposing injustice to Injured Workers and the realities of Alberta WCB. If you or someone you know has been injured at work and are mired in the WCB bureaucratic maze, don’t give up in frustration. Join our organization and make a difference. Canadian Injured Workers Association of Alberta thanks all of you for your continued support. We ask all of you to stand with us in solidarity as we fight for natural  justice for injured workers.

Together we have a powerful voice. CIWAA ‘s petition campaign. Please sign this NEW PETITION. The link for the pdf version is in the New Petition tab and can be printed.  Share it with your family, friends, co-workers and doctors. Let’s try to circulate the petition throughout Alberta. Let us show our government that we are not fragmented and that we stand together in solidarity for our Human Rights. Signed petitions should be  returned  to            CIWAA  C/O Alberta Workers Health Centre            600 , 12323 Stony Plain road, Edmonton , Alberta  T5N 3Y5  Please  sign with address if you don’t want your address to be public leave public  box unchecked      Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone who depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority.    “An injury to one is an injury to all”   Stand up and be accountable for the sake of your province. CIWAA thanks everyone for their continued support . Please watch our guest speakers at the May 16/13 screening below.   All the videos from this event can be seen here.”””” Rachel Notley video