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Day of Mourning 2021

Tragically, the human cost of COVID-19 goes undocumented but it’s full cost is known all too well by essential workers and their families. Produced by the Edmonton and District Labour Council.

Injured Workers Speak Out

Must-Read: ‘We didn’t have Gavin anymore’: The aftermath of a workplace injury

Please share this article with  Alberta’s Ombudsman and ask for a public response. 


“Immoral and unethical”: WorkCover needs wholesale change to restore fairness for long term injured workers

Alberta Workers Need a Win Like Ontario

Another win for the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups at the Superior Court of Ontario.  Thanks to ARCH for their great work on this case!



March 11th was the one-year anniversary of the WHO’s pandemic declaration, and people from labour, seniors and health advocacy organizations gathered on the Alberta legislature grounds to recognize the impact of the pandemic on Albertans.

1,928 roses laid for each COVID-19 death in Alberta on the pandemic anniversary

The Alberta Federation of Labour joined the United Nurses of Alberta, Friends of Medicare, Public Interest Alberta, Alberta Arts Action and Seniors’ Action and Liaison Team on the one-year anniversary of the WHO’s pandemic declaration to commemorate all the lives that didn’t need to be lost, and in recognition of the work that is yet to be done.  Placed on the ground were nearly 2000 roses — one for each person we have lost, colour coded for the age of each person, gold, silver and white for seniors, purple for people in their 50s, yellow 40s, blue 30s and pink 20s to show how seniors have been impacted. 


Insult to Injury: Critics say Alberta’s workers compensation system has become more about protecting employers than injured employees

New Alberta Law Makes Sweeping Changes to Occupational Health and Safety Act, Amends Workers’ Compensation Act


  • No more deeming (and/or)
    • no more phantom jobs
    • stop pretending injured workers can get safe and appropriate jobs during a pandemic. 
  • A “presumptive clause” so that workers in at-risk sectors automatically get coverage when they get COVID-19
  • Universal coverage – so that all workers in Alberta  have access to workers comp when they are sick or injured
  • Listen to our doctors! Listen to science!
  • Safer conditions and better treatment for migrant workers.
  • Better healthcare for injured workers. 
  • Someone at WCB to return my calls when I have questions or concerns about my claim. 

Response to the WCB Review: To read the Canadian Injured Workers Association of Alberta Response to the Final Report of the Alberta Workers Compensation Board Review Panel, click here