We are a group of injured workers from Edmonton and other locations across the province who work together to get Justice for Injured Workers! We injured workers have rights and need our own independent voice and organization to fight for our rights. (add info about executive and stuff?)

We are fighting for renewal of both legislation (Workers’ Compensation Act) and governance of the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) on the basis of upholding the rights of injured workers. These rights include the maintenance of the living standard the worker had before injury, suitable retraining where possible for those who can no longer work in their old occupation, enforcement of the duty of employers to accommodate injured workers and full coverage for all their health needs.

Many injured workers have been denied compensation and are living in poverty. We are not “in the past” and we need justice. There must be a process to re-open claims of those amongst us who were injured at work, cannot work now and yet are denied compensation.

Our organization cannot provide  advocacy for individual claims, but together we are fighting for the changes needed so that everyone injured worker will have a competent advocate to assist in appealing unjust decisions.

At this time our major focus is to bring about changes to the Workers’ Compensation Act and to make sure that workers whose claims have been unjustly denied will have recourse and justice under new legislation.

We meet once a month at the Alberta Workers Health Centre, 600, 12323 Stony Plain Road, Edmonton. Times and dates for the next meeting will be posted on this site, so stay tuned, or send us your email or phone number so we can let you know of our meetings.

We recognize and appreciate the support and assistance we receive from the labour movement in defending the rights of injured workers.