Jun 142020

WHY we advertise other provinces’ media write-ups  in support of Injured Workers .  In Alberta information is not reported on the plight of Alberta injured workers through the media . If Alberta Injured Workers are lucky a story may be printed once or twice a year. Other provinces throughout Canada steadily have the support of the media which [Read more…]

Oct 022017

CIWAA is pleased to see that the recommendations of the review panel have addressed some issues of great importance to injured workers. The panel heard from many injured workers and their allies and advocates of the “culture of denial” at the WCB. We are pleased to see that the panel calls for changes to put [Read more…]

Aug 072012
Meredith Principles

  There has been some concern over whether workers and employers signed a contractual agreement or was it simply enacted by the Government without any consent or approval of workers and employers. Like many things specific to workers compensation issues, workers and employers have been lied to or if not lied to are simply ignored [Read more…]