Our Four Pillars

1) Independent Medical Examinations

  • Are wrought with fraudulent reports and diagnoses to enable WCB to deny legitimate claims of Injured Workers.


2) Medical Panel Office

  • Conducts Medical Panels designed to leave no recourse to the claimant Worker as they are “binding” and biased favoring WCB while ignoring the diagnosis of treating physicians of Injured Workers.

3) Case Manager Interference

  • Case Managers manipulate and intimidate Worker claimants Physicians when their diagnosis or opinion opposes WCB.
  • Case Managers operate in a Bonus Salary Structure designed to clear Injured Worker claims off WCB that is discriminatory to Injured Worker claimants.


4) Where is the WCB money that is paid into by employers?

  • Why are Alberta Taxpayers paying for Injured Workers who have been denied legitimate WCB claims and forced onto AISH, a taxpayer funded social program? WCB cannot displace Injured Worker to AISH leaving Alberta Taxpayers to foot the bills.