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Awesome Reporting in B.C. Life has changed for workers since the government  released the Janet Patterson review  regarding injured workers. 

Merritt man filing complaint after derogatory comments made by Kamloops physiotherapist | CFJC Today Kamloops

Ombudsperson: Permit WorkSafeBC to voluntarily make payments for its own errors

THE Ombudsperson is calling on the province to fix a rarely occurring but significant gap in B.C.’s #workerscompensation law https://voiceonline.com/ombudsperson-permit-worksafebc…/ “Severed Trust: Enabling #WorkSafeBC to do the right thing when its mistakes hurt #injuredworkers arose” from a case where errors made by WorkSafeBC terminating the benefits of an already #injuredworker directly led to a second, more serious injury resulting in a partial amputation of a worker’s hand. After the second accident, WorkSafeBC’s Review Division ruled that it was wrong to have terminated the injured worker’s benefits following the first accident.

DSM-5 SSD with predominant pain replaces DSM IV pain disorder but it is NOT recommended for people with chronic pain, because it lacks validity, and is overly inclusive and stigmatizing. Instead, adjustment disorder remains the most appropriate, accurate, and acceptable diagnosis for people who are overly concerned about their pain.


The Patterson Report in BC has just been released.  The author Janet Patterson has a long history representing workers in the BC WCB processes.  Here is the CBC article about the report.
It is a mammoth report available here:
And here is the link to the voices of injured workers:

Article Link: 1983: The Year BC Citizens and Workers Fought Back: Operation Solidarity ended in bitterness, but mass protests scored dramatic victories against Bennett government. (Written by Rod Mickleburgh, a former a journalist with the Globe and Mail for 22 years. He is currently freelancing and writing a blog. His most recent book is On the Line: A History of the British Columbia Labour Movement.)