Jul 072017

The Government of Alberta has announced the WCB review recommendations. You can read them here. CIWAA would like to share your comments with the government, as there is still some disconnect of how many injured workers view the WCB.  Please read the review recommendations and comment on CIWAA’s open forum below, which will be sent to the government in September. Please make your comment and questions free of swear words/vulgar language so your voice can be heard.

Thank you:  CIWAA would like to thank Premiere Notley for her due diligence  in requesting a WCB review. 

Big thanks to the panel for their time and effort  and most importantly understanding and willingness to listen.
Thank you John Carpenter,  Pemme Cunliffe & Mia Norrie.

CIWAA encourages the  NDP government to delve into to day-to-day activities and govern operations at the WCB. Open up all long-term claims denied on bought opinion or when medical panel was used to deny eligibility.

If  criminal activity has been uncovered strictly for monetary gain that intentionally hurt/slandered or killed injured workers, punish those involved in a court of law. All within the WCB should include personnel from the top down as well as those doctors they consistently pay for opinions. 

CIWWA begs the NDP government on behalf of all injured workers their families  and taxpayers not to ignore the panels findings and the plight of injured workers. 

Injured workers deserve compensation for their injuries, period.

Granted, the government cannot give the injured workers the life they lost back, nor can they ease the pain and suffering. But the government can make the years they have left on earth  free of stress and financial worry. Prioritize accessible medical needs for injured workers.

Injured workers that passed on from their injuries and left their families in poverty and depression deserve the benefit their loved ones should have had in life. 

CIWAA asks very little for the injured worker who was hurt working in Alberta. 

  3 Responses to “WCB Review Recommendations Announced”

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  2. It is very important the government gets serious regarding the doctors hired by WCB for personal opinion. Billions are spent on opinions using the same bias doctors over and over again. Making them rich and hurting injured workers sometimes causing a slow agonizing death. Treating physicians and medical evidence has been displaced and dis regarded using the opinion to determine eligibility to compensation for a worker injured at work.

    These chosen doctors do not bite the hand that has fed them so generously. Can the government do much ? we will have to wait and see what legislation changes are made and if we will have laws to deal with those affiliated with WCB that intentionally hurt injured workers for money. Do not be embarrassed if you have been slandered by these paid doctors for their opinion. We need to share all reports from Dr England, Dr Darlington, Dr Louw, Dr. M Apal , Dr Gervais , Dr Blackman and the one person that really slanders injured workers and has made up many stories that are not fact at all is Dr Marcy Wesner just to name a few. These reports you must take with a grain of salt and laugh about they say the same thing about all injured workers.

  3. How about holding doctors accountable for their mistakes as well , I seen a doctor about a serious back injury . That doctor refused to take me off work with a fractured vertebrae , several disc protrusions and a flattened vertebrae , and now I’m off work with even more issues because of this !

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