Aug 182018

By Gerald

Edmonton Journal Article

Kerr leaves a legacy of broken homes, broken marriages, child and family poverty, suicides by workers who were cheated out of benefits they were entitled to. Most people have nothing but contempt for some one who like this who was at the head of an organization where it was determined that there was a culture of denial and successive governments, Conservatives and now the NDP have sat back and did nothing to fix a broken system that should be by all accounts be abolished.

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  One Response to “Guy Kerr’s Retirement”

  1. It is interesting that on the heels of the rollback of Mr. Kerr’s wage he is now electing to leave the WCB.

    It certainly makes one question his commitment to Worker’s Compensation when his departure appears to be directly related to his reduction in remuneration.

    Kevin Becker
    Alberta Worker’s Compensation Consultants

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