Jun 232018

Are you an injured worker? Do you have something to say about Bill 30? The treatment of injured workers in this province in general? Would you like to be part of a short film of injured workers expressing such opinions? Come to the north steps of the Alberta Legislature at 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 28. A videographer will be available until about 3:30, who will put together a short film for our website and social media. There is also a Facebook event here.

Apr 272017

By Gerald

The following news story was sent to me from an injured worker which is an interview with Mr. McGowan who very explicitly and accurately portrayed the Alberta WCB as being against workers and had been supported by the former Conservative Government who are anti-labour.
Click on the following link: http://alberta.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1007748&binId=1.2002989&playlistPageNum=1

Jun 102012


This video is about a RICO civil claim against a group of IC IME doctors and the IC that pays them…who are accused of fraud under the FEDERAL RICO laws. This AA is using federal RICO laws to hold insurance company IME doctors who do reports that for example say they did tests that were not done, and also deny claims and medical treatment wrongfully with substantial medical records that say the opposite.

We do not believe that all IC IME doctors do this…however if you have been unlucky enough to be evaluated by a dishonest insurance company IME doctor, this video may interest you.