Man’s Inhumanity to Man

The new worker’s compensation bill … is an example of man’s inhumanity to man. It is inhumane in the way workers will be treated and is also a good example of social Darwinism.

The so-called new benefits they claim makes them falling-on-the-floor laughable. Increasing the death benefit and payment for disfigurement will cost probably less than a mere $100,000 a year, while the other changes likely will cut injured workers’ benefits tens of millions of dollars or more.

Workers will have to have a lawyer now in almost every case, who will basically have to work for free. They’ll visit a lot of law offices, but I’ll bet they never find that lawyer. (I was chairman of the Mississippi State Advisory Board to the Mississippi Workmen’s Commission in 1994 and around that period for some time handled more cases before the commission, representing insurance companies, than any other single lawyer.)

It was passed because the Legislature (and Governor God) wait each year for the Mississippi Economic Council to come down from the mountain with what they want done written on their stone tablets.

The last few decades prove that letting these so-called businessmen run the state will always keep Mississippi at the wrong end of every state ranking of performances. They aren’t really true capitalists. All they think about is the next quarterly or annual profit-and-loss statement and making sure someone else pays the taxes.

We need some true capitalists who look at the whole picture and work toward a good future for all and not just to keep the money slide headed in their direction regardless of what the costs are to everyone else.

Joe Clay Hamilton


Original Source:  Worker’s comp changes inhumane?

Notably is the fact that the article was written by a lawyer who represented employers and was the chairman of the Mississippi State Advisory Board to the Mississippi Workmen’s Commission. Workers have to realize that their enemy is not the “Boards”, it is the people they elect and specifically the people who are elected and form the government. People like Redford, former premiers of Alberta, Klein,Stelmach, Getty,Lougheed and the present Minister in charge of WCB, Hancock along with former Ministers in charge of WCB, Lukaszuk, Goudreau, Evans, Dunford, Smith are despicable people who allow the abuse of workers by not proposing and enacting appropriate legislation, regulations and policies to enable workers to be treated with fairness, dignity and self respect rather than forcing workers to either commit suicide to end their torment or to continue to fight for acceptance of their claims and benefits and being driven to major depression, homicidal thoughts of killing their tormentors and as well alienating their families by their extreme helplessness to do anything to make the government listen to their pleas for help. All of the afore mentioned people should be charged with crimes against humanity and either be incarcerated for life or face the death penalty. I consider crimes of this nature far worse than treason, yet these people who have the power to stop the abuse and inhumanities to workers seem to think that everything is okay and workers are dissatisfied with how their claims have been handled. What started off as a good system is presently nothing more than a sham to make workers and the public believe that the system will look after workers if a worker suffers a work related injury. Nothing could be further from the truth as many disabled workers have to turn to social programs paid for by taxpayers and sponsored by the despicable people who have unfortunately been voted back in to continue to abuse workers.


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