Mayhem in NSW over workers compensation cuts

For those people who are unaware of what is happening in Australia over cuts to workers compensation benefits due to a 4 billion dollar deficit here are some links:

Cutting workers benefits does not solve the problem of deficits and adding insult to injury is that policeman are exempted from the cutbacks. The legislation passed by the NSW government exempting policeman from cutbacks is as stupid as providing firefighters with being the only workers who are given presumptive status while other workers are exempted. Many people can understand now why people don’t bother to vote due to the fact that when a person reaches into a barrel of assholes, you will pull out an asshole.

When governments bring in legislation that divides workers or bring in legislation to protect the system and the people within the system, I believe that workers should support each other and go on strike and stay on strike even if the government bring in back to work legislation. Realistically, there are not enough jails in Canada to incarcerate hundreds of thousands of workers who choose to disobey back to work legislation. If governments will not protect working people, then civil disobedience is the only way to fix the problems that plague workers compensation systems.

Gerry Miller

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