Human Rights and Age Discrimination

By Gerald

Interesting decision by the Alberta Courts specific to human rights in the province of Alberta. People across Canada do not realize how backward we are in when it comes to law, human rights or my favorite topic, workers compensation. Click on the following link

This decision does show that all Albertans are supposed to be treated equally but they are not as evidenced by the fact that first responders are treated preferentially based on their occupation. The reason given is the same as the recent court decision is that occupations like age is not included in the protected category. I filed a human rights complaint and the complaint was denied and I was advised to file a complaint with the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman determined that I should bring this matter to the Justice Minister which I did. The Justice Minister at the time was a Conservative who had to step down over his marital problems after his wife pressed charges against him. Ms. Ganley can change all that rescinding the legislation providing special treatment for first responders and introduce legislation that gives all workers presumption status although the WCA already provides presumptive status for all workers not just first responders. If adjudication was based on the same methodology as the WCAT in New Brunswick, establishing causation when causation is an issue, workers would not have their claims denied because of the idiots who adjudicate claims.