Reduction of disability benefits for workers

By Gerald

Any one who suggests that the Alberta WCB system is a good system that treats workers with fairness, dignity and respect has to have rocks in their heads. A reduction in disability benefits for workers were first noticeable after 1982. Prior to 1982, disability benefits were based on 75% of gross earnings and after 1982, disability benefits were based on 90% of net earnings which sounds like an increase in disability benefits but in fact figures don’t lie. I am attaching evidence of how this change resulted in reduced disability benefits based on gross earnings of $55,194.70 which are actual figures derived from a workers claim. The difference as calculated by WCB is $5,013.64 less than the former 75% of gross which was replaced by the Alberta Government using 90% of net. Obviously for most workers it was far too easy to calculate 75% of gross and thus the Alberta Government changed through regulation to 90% of net which makes it difficult for workers to calculate unless a worker has the tax tables that are used for that particular year. The Alberta Government is the problem not the WCB as it is the Government that promotes and protects criminal organizations, enacts legislation and regulations and WCB simply does what they are legally entitled to do.  WCB did not enact policy to reduce workers disability benefits, this was the Conservative Government through workers compensation regulations. Should people wonder why this is a corrupt and dysfunctional system when it is evident that employers premiums in Alberta are lower than any other jurisdiction in Canada and only second to North Dakota based on North American premiums and are so on the backs of hard working workers and their families.

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