Article: One of Alberta’s highest-paid public servants leaving post at WCB

By Donna

With title, did he get bought out ?and what is his pension? And did he leave his legacy to continue? The Culture of Denial at WCB. Employers and the public must keep in mind. The WCB review  panel found the case managers readily take the WCB medical consultants and paid WCB paper opinions over the treating medical specialists and medical evidence. We ask what else are the case managers and DRDRB personal suppose to do ? When having 100 percent power over the quality of life and medical care over injured workers when they do not have any medical knowledge or licence to determine an injured workers injuries. Typically taking a paper opinion over treating medical specialists and medical evidence because they don’t understand medicine or don’t trust the injured workers medical specialists. The staff at WCB don’t have to have medical knowledge or trust those operating in Alberta’s medical field. What are the qualifications to become a case manager and DRDRB staff member at WCB ? Has anyone with power asked this very important question? These staff members are given 100 percent power to make life and death altering decisions on an injured workers life? Nurses can’t make these decisions and they were forced to get medical training pay out of their own pocket.  Injured workers children know more and see more of their parents disabilities caused by work injuries then the WCB staff with 100 percent  power to deny sever injuries by accepting the paper opinion and disregarding medical evidence and rejecting treating specialists. But injured workers are welcome to appeal until they are dead broke or dead what ever comes first. Maybe in the future the WCB review panel could request this gets looked into and stopped in order to save life’s and give injured workers children a chance to have a life. Injured workers children work for free nursing their disabled parents work injuries 24 hours a day. This is the next generation to question why is this abuse allowed?

One of Alberta’s highest-paid public servants leaving post at WCB

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