Presumptive Legislation

By Gerald

Questionably is why workers are forced into a system that is totally corrupt. Just when a person thinks it could not get worse, it does. It all revolves around causation which is what workers compensation systems thrive on as it employs hundreds or thousands of people, mainly doctors who pretend to know what causes diseases. If these doctors knew what caused any disease, no one would be dying from these diseases. The State of Washington passed legislation to provide presumptive status for workers exposed to nuclear radiation and the U.S. Federal government is suing the State of Washington to overturn the presumptive legislation as the workers employed at the site were workers living in Washington but employed by the Federal Government. This was the headline;

DOJ files suit over Hanford nuclear site presumption bill

The U.S. Department of Justice sued the state of Washington on Monday over a presumption law passed earlier this year that cleared red tape in the workers compensation system for people suffering from cancer and other ailments after working at the 75-year-old Hanford nuclear site.

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