New WCB President

By Gerald

Click on the following link:
This is the same guy that came from BC whose track record in BC was to 
assist in denying legitimate claims. Click on the following link:
Questionably is where they get these people from. Grace Thostenson who I 
knew when I was a member of IBEW Local 348 was recently appointed the 
Chair of the WCB Board of Directors who hired him apparently did not 
check into his background before making a choice to hire him. He comes 
with a lot of baggage and this is a guy that is supposed to care about 
workers and their families just as Guy Kerr cared about workers and 
their families. Donald Duck would have been a better choice as the last 
person any one would or should hire is some one who started off as a 
Case Manager and has never had a real job other than WCB. How much is 
WCB paying him to wreak havoc in the lives of workers resulting in 
family breakups, suicides and homicides. Perhaps the Government should 
make public how much Kerr received as a golden handshake for assisting 
in destroying many workers and their families lives.

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